NAK Learning is an Education Specialist business that focuses on designing, developing, and bringing to life educational resources and courses for higher education. NAK Learning is broken down into 3 Resources; Services, Courses, and Free Resources.

About the Founder 

As an Educational specialists, Nadia’s role is to maximise the learning experience for the students by creating teachable and learnable content, updating teaching approaches to the 21st digital century, and improving teaching methods through psychoeducational principles.

Nadia is a passionate academic and a creative educator with a love for psychology, education, and innovative ideation. Nadia’s purpose is to maximise the learning experience of students by incorporating psychoeducation theories, integrating 21st century technology, and customising the whole learning experience.


At NAK Learning, we offer the below services: 

  • Instructional Design
  • Course Development
  • Educational Coaching
  • Learning Materials


Learning materials include:

  • e-learning modules e-learning videos
  • Audio learning 
  • Recorded tutorials
  • Micro-modules
  • PDF resources
  •  Exercise booklets


    There are a number of developed education courses that individuals can take in order to develop new skills or further their current learning journey. NAK Learning has a variety of courses and will be available in a variety of topics.

    Free Resources

    The main principle at NAK Learning, is that education is the heart of the business. We believe that providing sources of free education to the world is not only desirable, it is a moral obligation. We are passionate about providing and delivering the best education we can. It is passionate to provide the best education we can offer to our current and future generations. 

    Please see our Youtube page for free educational resources that are constantly being uploaded.

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